Saturday, January 16, 2010

100 days challenge, days 8 - 14

 Day 8 - 8 January 2010
One of the things that I have learned on this journey, is that I need to redevelop the habits I had 20 years ago.  This includes making better lunch choices.  It is so easy to be tempted by fatty sugary choices, but in fact none of them taste quiet as good as a fresh salad roll. 

I am not too fussed about the contents, because even if they include advocado or soft cheese, they are still a better choice. 

Day 9 - 9 January 2010
Saturday is always my best day in terms of exercise.  This Saturday was no exception, and I managed to clock up 10,000 steps on my pedometre.  I need little games and toys to keep me on track.  The pedometre serves this purpose, in that it reminds me to move, and gives me the incentive of beating the number acheived the day before.   It also helps me to measure the activity level each day, and encourages me to make that little bit of effort.

Day 10 - 10 January 2010

Today was not so good activity wise.  The 9th was my Mum's birthday, and I took her out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate that.  The choices available were not that WW friendly, but I concentrated on portion size (and had one piece of savoury toast, not the two I would have had previously.

I spent the evening reading some blogs, which is not only inspiring, but also helpful in providing food ideas, and exercise inspiration. 

Day 11 - 11 January 2010

Yes this is a picture of a television.  But the important thing is that it is OFF.  One of my challenges is to do something other than vegetate in front of this electronic mavel in the evenings.   I have been choosing  a few programs which I want to watch, and only turning the television on to watch those and then turning it off.

This is good not only for weight loss, because even if I am only pottering I am moving, but also for my energy levels, because I go to bed when I am sleepy instead of nodding off in front of the television, and going to bed very late.

Day 12 - 12 January 2010

Miscellaneous receipts to represent the thrill that I get when I go shopping these days.  I have been hitching my jeans up constantly.  I went shopping a couple of months ago and purchased a pair of skinny leg jeans, which were too tight for me.  Today I decided to try them on, and they fit perfectly.  So I have gone from wearing size 18 fat-lady shop trousers to size 18 chainstore jeans. 

I am down to one work skirt, and it is starting to get a bit loose, so I should be able to go shopping again soon.  Well I can't have my skirt falling off can I .

Day 13 - 13 January 2010

Wednesday is meeting day.  Based on what I had weighed at home (I know I shouldn't but I do!) I was expecting a huge gain in the region of 2 kg. 

But I actually recorded a 300g loss.  Not a big loss, but so much better than I expected.  The only explanation I can think of is the effects of the that time of the month. 

So Today I have included a photo of my home scales, complete with very ratty toenails.  I must redo the polish, so that I can wear my open toe shoes in public.

Day 14 - 14 January 2010

Confession time, I have not been tracking.  This was the case for most of 2009, I am ashamed to admit. 

Now that I am back into the routine of work and life in general I have decided that if I am to get serious about changing my lifestyle, I need to track.  So today is the first day of my tracking life. 

Even if I do not have acces to a computer I can note it in my diary, so there are no excuses.

The surprise for this week, was that in grabbing the sundry reciepts I found a cheque, which I have been carrying in my wallet since May.  So, I now have some spending money for that trip to find a new work skirt.

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  1. I can't resist weighing in at home a couple of times a week! It actually keeps me on track - if I weigh on the weekend and see that I haven't lost much, it spurs me on to do better.